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02 July 2016

Note on Systemic Change

'Working' inside a corrupted System allows you to see the internal rot, all the while you are 'Working' for it and thus seeking to preserve the corrupted System. Seeking to destroy the System internally or even alter it's Design comprehensively or incrementally makes you a Virus or an Antigen and ALL Systems have Antibodies or biological decontamination procedures for dealing with such. For example, Governmental Systems consider those who seek to change it systemically, as Spies, Saboteurs or Traitors and deal with them with extreme prejudice. Far to often those single individuals who join a System seeking to change it systemically, become co-opted by the internal Culture of the System. Opposition political movements by virtue of having accepted the underlying rules, procedures and Culture of the Political-Economic System are the least likely to bring about Trans-formative Change in the System. Seen from this vantage point the notion that one can or must become a part of the System in order to Change it is an example of fallacious reasoning.  Systems are changed through external revolutionary actions and are ALWAYS replaced with a New System. [A. Dukuzumurenyi]

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