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25 May 2016

Freedom High

  , WSTNW NWH/Westchenu Nuh [Kush/Kemet: Freedom, Inebriation, i.e. Freedom High] is the initial, embryonic emotional euphoria which grasps a community, group or disorganized congregation of political-economically dependent people following the inaugural statement and foundational symbolic acts concerning their emancipation or political-economic independence.  Additionally, it is the emotional rage exercised by a political-economically subordinated people after a widely publicized act of state terrorism.  Each expression is a short-term psychological response which dissipates precipitously. In the case of the act of state terrorism it dissolves or is recklessly squandered on symbolic acts of rioting, protest marches and impotent, rhetorical speechifying in the face of the intransigence of state authorities.  In the case of the acquisition of national independence it is dispersed as the details of true nation-building which provide a need for Utamaduni based original thought and require more than imitation of the oppressor come to the fore. Needless to say the emotional state of the    , WSTNW NWH/Westchenu Nuh [Kush/Kemet: Freedom, Inebriation, i.e. Freedom High] is poor building ground on which to base a sustained, multigenerational long-term effort of nation-building.

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