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06 May 2016

Mental Paralysis of Global Afrikans

Currently what is in place throughout the Global Afrikan community is a system incapable of solving the Global Afrikan problem.  

Generally the issue or Global Afrikan predicament has been defined as being one of a mix of problems such as overpopulation and the taxing of resources, underdevelopment, maldevelopment, government corruption, sub-optimal health, poverty or any of a host of social pathologies.  

In reality the system in place is incapable of producing Global Afrikans capable of generating new ideas and only brings forth a pseudo-intellegentsia deathly stricken with an Academic Intellectual Dependency Syndrome.  

These mentally colonized Global Afrikan imitators of Western Academia are ‘specialists’ in extremely narrow academic fields of inquiry utilizing an outmoded methodology based on the incomplete and highly inaccurate Cartesian mechanistic world-view.[1] 

Their specialization, poorly constructed conceptual models, extraneous, fossilized and immaterial research variables, lack of interdisciplinary acumen, introspectivity, reductionism and cultural mis-orientation preclude them from being capable of noting that the issues delineated are in actuality systemic crises that are highly interconnected and reinforcing. 

Given the prevalence of Western mis-education throughout the Global Afrikan community the mentality thus described is rife throughout all social institutions at all levels of society, hence the inability of Global Afrikan governments to effectively and efficiently engage in Nation-building and successfully alleviate the impoverishment of the Global Afrikan grassroots.

[1] Fritjof Capra, The Turning Point: Science, Society and the Rising Culture (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1982)

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