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03 May 2016

Fallacy of Elections

As a note on the issue of power it should be comprehended that the election of President Barak Obama as President of the United States of America in c. 6249 KC [c. 2008 CE] and c. 6253 KC [c. 2012 CE], and for that matter all elections in all pseudo-Democracies, does not represent substantive political economic engagement on the part of the grassroots of the Afrikan Diaspora and it is not real change. Instead, the elections are nothing more than apparent change and are merely an example of elite manipulation of the grassroots for elite ends. American politics is primarily Plural-Elitist in nature, which means that competing elites who agree on the basics of the social order as well as on the projection of hegemonic power, but who disagree on the methodology of implementation engage in structured political campaigns or combat.  Each is represented in general by one of two parties, and each sets the rules of political participation so as to eliminate the development of any real mass oriented populist parties.  The Plural-Elites choose candidates that agree on the basic rules of the social system and fund them placing them before the mass public and to varying degrees opening the corporate media them.  The grassroots are allowed to choose among safe interests as defined by Plural-Elites. The sudden ‘rise’ of Barak Obama through the American political system is akin to the placement of Enslaved Afrikans as Generals in the Aryan-Arab armies of conquest, even when these enslaved Afrikans seized power they ruled in accordance to Aryan-Arab cultural paradigms. The power structure, which includes the ruling ethnic[s] group[s], any police apparatus, governors, bureaucrats, , HMT R/Hemet Re [Kush/Kemet: Etc.], serve, manage, administrate, enact, enforce the policies of the ruling class in a country in any historical time. If they seize power ‘illegitimately’ or obtain it ‘legally’ they rule according to the dictates of the dominant Utamaduni, seldom if ever do they do otherwise. None of the Enslaved Afrikans Muslims who were made generals or who became Caliphs, Viziers and the like used their power for Afrikan Liberation. The Afrikan Septimus Severus who became Emperor of Rome c. 4443-4452 KC [c. 202-211 CE] was an excellent Roman Emperor ruling according to the rules set down by Rome from its inception as a regional power in c. 4750 KC [c. 509 BCE] He did not seek to liberate conquered Afrikan lands.  President Barak Obama during his two Presidential Administrations has continued the economic and military policies that were implemented by President George W. Bush. At best President Obama has engaged in pseudo-symbolic political action towards Global Afrikan people. During his Presidential Administration the fundamental sociological, economic, political, psychological, historical, and religious relationships between Eurasians, Americans and Global Afrikan people has not changed. It is still defined by European domination. Domination accomplished through a wonderful charade called the VOTE! As Albert Camus wrote: “What better way to enslave a man than to give him the vote and call him free?”

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