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04 July 2016

The Global Afrikan Political Time of Day [Part 1]

The Global Afrikan Political Time of Day
[Part 1]
Ambakisye-Okang Dukuzumurenyi
[Ph.D., Public Policy Analysis]

Now as we prepare to enter the third decade of the 62nd Century KC[1] [21st Century CE] we as Global Afrikan peoples, i.e. Watu Weusi [Kiswahili: Black People], Wafrika Weusi [Kiswahili: Black Afrikans], if we view the world through an Afrikan Utambuzi wa [Kiswahili: Utambuzi wa- Consciousness of] KT MЗ KT/Ket.Ma.Ket [Kush/Kemet: Collectiveness] or World-View, and analytically consider our socio-political economic condition will cogently arrive at the conclusion that we reside in a spiritual, cognitive, affective and psycho-motor physiological socio-cultural crisis. 

Our socio-political economics, culture and socio-historical consciousness exists at a critical point, a figurative cross roads defined by dire epistemological and ontological difficulties and subsisting of existential catastrophes that place the potential resurgence and expansion of Utamaduni Mkubwa ya Afrika [Kiswahili: Afrikan High Culture] and the optimal continuation of Afrikan biological life at perhaps the nadir, near a point of no return from the abyss of conquest, subjugation and exploitation that has with interludes of respite plagued Global Afrikan peoples for two and a half millennia.

The extremity of the socio-political economic crisis of Global Afrikan peoples is systemic and thus impacts all aspects of Afrikan life. 

By way of example, at no time in the history of Global Afrikan peoples has the military differential between Global Afrikans and Eurasians been at its current levels whereby the scale of weaponry possessed by Eurasian nations is at a magnitude where they are capable, if so choosing, of eradicating Global Afrikan peoples from the face of the earth with not the least bit of concern of preventative strategies or retaliation being implemented by Global Afrikan nations. 

For Global Afrikan nations have not for the last half millennia engaged in the domestic research, development and production of technologically innovative military hardware; instead, purchasing sub-par weaponry from Eurasian nations in numbers and capabilities sufficient, not for offensive maneuvers, but for the neo-colonial comprador continued subjugation of Global Afrikan populations.

This allusion to military differentials and thus warfare is by no means accidental for it is an apt way to begin an analysis of the Global Afrikan predicament that derives from nearly three millennia of Eurasian domination of Global Afrikan peoples. 

It takes us directly into the heart of the implementation strategy of Eurasian nations: the use of overwhelming military force in warfare, or international political interaction, i.e. diplomacy by aggressive means.

To affect a public policy of domination Eurasian powers resort to a socio-political economic strategy of violence.

Violence the result of the socio-political economic use of subversive and devastating spiritual, cognitive, affective and physiological coercive power in the social harassment, political intimidation and economic oppression of a people is an infringement upon the cultural standards of a people, an egregious violation of the sacred customary laws of the Wahenga na Wahenguzi [Kiswahili: Great Ancestors] founders of a nation, and a means of destroying the socio-political economic harmony and love of a people. 

The following description of this violent condition as presented by Mhenga [Kiswahili: Ancestor] Malcolm X, though describing the American Afrikan socio-political economic condition over half a century ago is widely applicable to the current socio-political economic circumstances of Global Afrikan peoples and nations:

“All of us (pimps, prostitutes, drug users and dealers, alcoholics, etc.) who might have probed space or cured cancer, or built industries- were instead Black victims of the White man’s American social system… In the Ghettos the White man has built for us, he has forced us not to aspire to greater things, but to view everyday living as survival-and in that kind of community, survival is what is respected…The Black prisoner…symbolized White society’s crime of keeping Black men oppressed and deprived and ignorant and unable to get decent jobs, turning them into criminals…The White man wants Black men to stay immoral unclean and ignorant. As long as we stay in these conditions we will keep on begging him and he will control us. We never can win freedom and justice and equality until we are doing something for ourselves.”[2]

Ignorance perpetrated through cultural misorientation, compulsory sub-par mis-education and internal ghettos or colonies within the Eurasian nations and ‘nigger boxes’ or neo-colonial, flag independent states of continental Afrika and the Caribbean, are key components in the continued oppression of Global Afrikan peoples to this day as they are the established socio-economic and socio-political structures that murder Global Afrikan peoples by the hundreds of millions. 

The spiritual, cognitive, affective and psycho-motor physiological enslavement and colonization of Global Afrikan men, women and children for forced labor and sexual trafficking in this day have historically been and contemporarily are socio-economic institutions, which were historically and currently are, supported by socio-political institutions and murder millions through socio-political economic violence. 

The socio-political economic policies supported by political violence or the threat thereof, which allow the ruthless exploitation and murder of billions across the world by market-oriented, multinational corporations and political elite collaborators in all countries is yet another example of how so-called legal structures can be and generally are sadistically violent. 

These culturally unjust socio-political economic systems can be as violent, if not more, than rampaging ideologically deficient armies:

“Unjust economic systems can be as violent as rampaging armies: “All kinds of violence are the same ...the violence of the soldier who kills, the revolutionary who assassinates; it is true also of economic violence-the violence of the privileged corporate owner against his workers, of the 'haves' against the 'haves-not'; the violence done in international economic relations between Western Nations and those of the developing world; the violence done through powerful corporations which exploit the resources of a country that is unable to defend itself.”[3]

This is a socio-political economic situation of depopulation by Eurasian, i.e. ‘White privilege’ that morally requires “…revolution against the established order…the criterion of a living [spiritual] faith…”[4]

The affluence of the Eurasian nations depends on the poverty and unjust socio-political economic structures that make the Eurasian nation elites, i.e. the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Western and Eastern Europe, China, Japan, the two Koreas, etc. and the socio-political economic comprador Black elites of neo-colonial Afrika, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and those Black Bourgeoisie or Black Anglo-Saxons of the internal colonies within the Western Nations wealthy and the grassroots of the external and internal neo-colonies diseased, malnourished and impoverished. 

As an example, land throughout the areas of the Global South is used to grow export crops to sell to Western nations, rather than being used to feed the grassroots in the home countries since the Global socio-political economic system is facilitated by a price methodology. 

Even the grassroots and internal colonies of the Western nations participate. By their consumption based lifestyles in the socio-political economic structures, which are blindly followed, they participate in those institutions which support those unsustainable lifestyles, such as the political system which they maintain by cooperating in system preservationist symbolic pseudo-politics, thus engaging in murder. 

All of this even while professing in the main to be Christians but ignoring the words of their own religious doctrines:

“Woe to those who decree iniquitous decrees, and the writers who Keep writing oppression, to turn aside the needy from justice and to Rob the poor of my people of their right that widows may be prey, And that they may rob the fatherless.”[5]

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