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13 November 2013

Faulty Reasoning

“You cannot logically extrapolate your interpretations of the purpose, assumptions, idealizations and perceived implications of the characteristics of your personal apolitical de-contextualized, spiritualized religious and depoliticized economic interactions and relationships with Wazungu and other Asians to the global political-economic and religious interactions of Afrikans with Wazungu and other Asians. To do so is to generalize from the traits of a non representative sample size of one to the global population of all Afrikans interacting within socio-politically economic and historically contextualized and thus defined group dynamics with all Wazungu and other Asians.  The interests between groups of people are not mutually correlated with the personal interests occurring between persons engaging in individual interactions such as marriage, workplace banter, sporting events or religious attendance.  The interests and institutions which shape the interactions between groups shape the interactions at the personal level to a significant degree.  This can be easily missed when the mentality of the perceiver has been sufficiently superficialized, historically dislocated and thus is apolitical.  A similar mistake is made when one generalizes ones ahistorical, de-contextualized, de-economized and depoliticized personal experiences and decision-making to all others of a group disregarding obviously context.  For example, disregarding the political-economic reality of the group in relation to another group which is dominating- a social-psychological, political economic phenomenon, and stating that because “You” [Singular de-contextualized] finished schooling/training, or did not “Choose” [Singular de-contextualized] to use or sell drugs, then the context does not matter thus anyone who did not do as “You” [Singular de-contextualized] did made faulty decisions and thus deserve the results.  You have personalized a socially created phenomenon and then generalized it to the total population not even considering that people are born into a particular historical moment, epigenetically connected to past moments biologically and psychologically and are born into a social system and cultural situation and following socialization make decisions according to the cognitive-affective disposition that has been socially constructed.  After all no one is born wanting to be prostitute, or wanting to kill.  These socially induced acts results from planned social-economic constructions designed to perpetuate domination.  Personalizing an event absolves the society which is the container of the events which evolve within it according to the values of the society.  Consider the myriad of Afrikan societies adhering to a common cultural attributes regardless of linguistic differences which never created orphanages, or prisons had no incidence of cancer or other “Civilized” dis-eases and valued the importance of the Feminine all prior to Warabu and Wazungu conquest and colonization.  Reasoning from the personalized specific to the group is faulty thinking and the hallmark of the mentally enslaved.”
[Ambakisye-Okang Dukuzumurenyi, Rep-Heseb: A Primer in Afrocentric Critical Thinking, Critical Listening, Critical Speaking, Critical Writing, and Critical Reading (Iringa, Tanzania: A. Dukuzumurenyi, 2013)]

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