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25 September 2012


“The persons who have dominant functional control or influence over the sexual expressions and/or desires of other persons [animals, etc.] also have dominant control over the basic motivations of those same persons in other areas of expression, including economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, and war.” [Neely Fuller]


We are Possessed by the Daimonic of the “Wretched Asiatic” [Kemetic description, originally denoting the people’s of the fertile crescent and which will now be used to designate today’s people’s of the European peninsula, Southwest, South, Southeast, East and Central Asia, the Americas who collectively possess the de-spiritualized cultural mores, values of Western Europe. Those people’s who are classified or classify themselves as white or non-white, and practice, support and maintain white supremacy, i.e., current global power relations, either consciously or subconsciously; as expressed in the incarnation of the European spirit in their physical bodies.]

The current model of manhood and of how to interact with the Afrikan woman is the enslaver/colonizer [so to is the current model of Afrikan womanhood], the Arab, European, Asian, they who practice rape, murder, and dehumanization. The Afrikan woman is approached by the Afrikan man as if she is an object of gratification to be used to satisfy urges just as the enslaver/colonizer did and does. The sadism of the enslaver/colonizer is the defining characteristic of the sexual relations of the Afrikan man and woman. Force, degradation, pain, screams of so-called ecstasy, references to domination, Herculean acrobatic efforts, subjugation, sodomy, the swallowing of the seed of life, entering into the bedchamber as a conqueror, going into the Afrikan Woman to “do” something to; to “take” something from; to “rape [use deceit, threaten social, physical, or psychological deprivation, take advantage of, offering material benefits, making false promises, using violence,]” and not to create, kwk.

The molestation, rape and/or abandonment of the offspring that result. All schizoid, psychotic actions, that we have learned from the enslaver/colonizer and now consider sane. After five centuries of such sickness, perpetrated by the Afrikan man seeking to imitate their model of manhood- the “Wretched Asiatic” the Afrikan woman has also come to define this behavior as proper [see our children social expressions for proof]; as an expression of true manhood as a definition of proper sexual relations of proper communication, preferring to be “man-handled”. If one has only known pain, has only been treated like bodily waste, one will begin to define that as normal and consider its opposite when encountered as abnormal. How far we are from our Afrikan selves. We have become the bastards of another culture. We have undergone forced acculturation and lost ourselves, because we do not look to ourselves.

What is our intentionality? By intentionality I mean the social structures which give meaning to our experience. It is the earth out of which our intentions, our emotive force, spring forth. What is the intentionality of our actions? It is European intentionality. What has happened to the Afrikan intentionality? It is buried within us, awaiting revivification.

What is our intentionality in our communication as Afrikan men and women? What is our intentionality in our sexual expression, our sexual intercourse, our sexual play?

“If you do not understand White Supremacy [Racism] what it is and how it works in the nine areas of human activity, everything that you think you understand will only confuse you.” [Neely Fuller]

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