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28 August 2012

The Root of Corruption in Government

The Root of Corruption in Government
Posted: 2011/09/10
From: Mathaba

Some governments are threatened by former colonial powers and bankers that either they accept the gold or take a bullet.

By Deitric Muhammad

In the Name of Almighty God, the Beneficent the Merciful

(Originally written on 19 November 2008 but is relevant today)

Many wonder why is it that when progressive, revolutionary, or conservative leaders gain power, it’s so easy for them to “become corrupted” by money and power? Why do so many dictators kill so many of their people and allow corporations to prosper in their countries at the expense of their own people? Why do “liberated” countries fall so heavily into debt and can’t seem to grow their economies at the same level or better than when it was under colonial control or under occupation by an external power?  Is it greed? Is it incompetence? Or is it something else?
There is a dirty little secret that very few know--and even fewer are bold enough to admit. When most governments come into power they realize that they neither own nor control their economies nor the natural resources of their countries. During most liberation struggles, the revolutionary parties are so weakened by the combat and conflict as well as by the drained treasuries of their war chest that they believe they must seek funding from an outside source in order to rebuild their torn cities, infrastructures, and people. During the liberation struggle, the warring parties sought funding in order to win the war.

Either through financing by loans or through selling real assets such as land, diamonds, etc., the warring parties kept their war chests up to win. However, the winning party is in a position to where they must seek further funding in order to repair the damage that was done. Thus, more financing must be acquired, and the creditor earns the ability to dictate to the new government how it should operate its economy in order to pay the creditor back. After accepting this advice and money, the new government realizes that the economy is not performing any better. Thus, aid is requested and so is more financing. Due to most people’s lack of understanding of how economics work, the advice that was given to these governments positions their economies to become weakened and dependent. Therefore, it does not matter how much aid is given to the country, the country can not grow economically.

Thus, the government is pressured to “privatize” resources that actually belong to the people, in order to “create jobs” to get the economy moving. Also, the former colonial powers convinces the winning party that they should not change the infrastructure because it would cause the collapse of the economy. They were correct, because the knowledge of how to operate such industries were never passed on to the indigenous people. However, this allows the former colonial power to remain in control of and continue to profit from the natural resources of that country. However, this is not always the case.

Some governments are threatened by former colonial powers and bankers that either they accept the gold or take a bullet. This happened in Haiti after independence, it has happened in many African and Middle Eastern nations, and it has happened in many Asian nations. The former colonial powers understand that they have control over the many industries of their former colonies, and the bankers know that at some point a government would need financing. Also, both understand that during armed conflict, enemies were made. They can raise up enemies through adequate financing to overpower a government and set up another government that would do their bidding.

If necessary, the power of media can be used to make it appear as if the government is draining the economy and the people are being crushed by the government in order to justify intervention. Whether that intervention is by an external power directly, or by a joint venture (ie United Nations Peacekeeping Forces), the result is always the same--the nation is held at gunpoint while its natural resources are being pillaged by external powers while the present government is blamed when they themselves have no idea what is going on or how it is happening.

Why have so many leaders throughout the past 4 decades been so brutal to its people? Why have diseases become so prevalent in many of the poorer nations? Although a nation may receive billions of dollars in order to find a cure for many diseases, why is it that so many people are still dying from “curable” diseases? Where are these “new diseases” coming from? The first thing that must be examined is the mindset of the Western powers. These are the same people that have harnessed diseases in the 1500’s to take out most of the indigenous populations in the Western Hemisphere. These are the same people who have stolen human beings from Africa and Asia and brought them throughout the world for involuntary servitude. These are the same people who have introduced chemical-dependency to China and began the Opium Wars.

Therefore, it should be of no surprise that diseases are harnessed and manufactured for military purposes. Most governments are forced to carry out a “population control” program. Many governments are told that they are “too many people” in their country utilizing too many of the resources in their country. They are told that if they don’t carry out the population control program, they (Western powers backed by corporate entities and banks ) will start wars that will decrease the population. Keep in mind, that these governments have accepted the advice of their creditors which put their economies in a dependent position.

Thus, the governments are compelled to do as their creditors please in order to receive continuous funding and aid. Secondly, they do not want to lose their seat of power. So they feel they must comply. However, the Western powers not only make this threat, they help out by inoculating the nations with these diseases. Here are some current examples: Ebola, HIV, and AIDS in Africa. Their origins are a mystery.

However, they have decimated the entire continent. There was no such thing as a “bird flu” in China until after their economy strengthened and they de-pegged the yuan from the US dollar. Now that the unity government in Zimbabwe appears like it’s becoming a reality, there’s a cholera attack on the water supply. The justification for this is that there are too many people in the world using up all of the natural resources.

In other words, due to “breakthroughs in science, medicine, and technology, most people are using more of the earth’s natural resources than the earth can produce” (my quote). This is why birth control and vaccination is such a high priority in many poor countries and poor areas in developed countries. Vaccination is when a “weaker” form of the disease is inserted in the body in order to create “antibodies” for the disease.

First of all, the body is still receiving the disease. Secondly, how can the patient determine if the disease (vaccine) being inserted is actually the disease that the doctor, or medical personnel, say it is? Most often the patient must “trust” the medical personnel. It appears in Africa, that that trust has been taken for granted when considering the number of HIV cases. The “overpopulation” theory is the outright lie that caused the Chinese government to develop the “One Child per Family” policy. The truth is these Western powers know that they are losing power and influence throughout the world. They feel if they can’t control the world’s resources, no one can! Pure greed is the ultimate motive. This is no conspiracy theory, nor am I a conspiracy theorist. History backs up everything I’m stating in this report. The question is: How did we get to this point?

We must start at July 1-22, 1944 at the Bretton Woods Conference. During this time, colonial powers were at their apex. Two world wars were fought, not because the entire world became disagreeable to one another, but because the entire world belonged to Europe and the US, and Europe became disagreeable with itself. European nations were not satisfied with their own territories and colonies, they wanted their brother’s share. During these world wars, liberation struggles began to germinate within the colonies. Although these Europeans were at war with one another, they realized that they began to lose control of their territories and colonies. They realized that a minority can control a majority for only so long.

So they made preparations for it. At the Bretton Woods Conference, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was created, the International Development Bank (IDB) and the International Reconstruction and Development Bank (IRDB) were created. The IDB and IRDB together make up the World Bank. These banks were created in order to control the indigenous populations upon “independence”, or “emancipation”. They understood that financing would be needed in order to rebuild war-torn nations. They also understood that the science of economics must be a well-guarded secret.

Most governments do not understand how economics work. So they trust their central banks to advise them on economic policy, or they accept the economic advice given to them from their creditors. Although economics is taught in many universities, the economics that would allow a nation to fully control its destiny, is a carefully guarded secret. Not only were these banks created, the nations of the world pegged their currencies directly to the US dollar because it was “good as gold“. Remember, colonialism was at its height during this period, so it was easy for Europe to peg the world’s currencies to the US dollar.

In 1971, the US dollar was detached from its “gold anchor” allowing its dollar and economy to be subjected to its central bank’s money supply decisions and interest rate targets. Also, because the world’s currencies are directly pegged to the US dollar and many nations accepted the poisonous advice to devalue their currency, when the US economy sneezes, linked economies catch the flu. This explains the Asian crisis during the late 1990’s. The US economy was going through a deflationary period which drove prices down. Asian nations that were heavily invested in the US or were dependent on the US dollar and/or economy fell hard. This is what prompted China to de-peg the yuan by increasing its value by 2%.

The Western powers are sore that they’ve lost their precious territories, they don’t have the heart to let by-gone be by-gone. Thus it is imperative that nations protect their natural resources and human resources. This is why “socialist movements” have spread throughout the world like wildfire. The objective is to consolidate natural resources for the state in order to allow the populace to benefit from the wealth of the nation. However, there is a particular knowledge that must be transferred in order for the ordinary citizen to directly benefit from the wealth of the nation in a greater capacity than just job creation and social programs.

That knowledge will allow governments to unlock the wealth of their nation so that their debts can be eliminated, and borrowing for economic growth and expansion will be eliminated. Corruption in government is not simply due to greed. Corruption is actually imposed upon governments and political figures by powerful external forces that seek to gain control of the nations’ resources. The advice accepted by governments positions their economies to be in a dependent state. So many political figures feel they have no choice but to comply, because they have no real control of their government or country. They are threatened to make decisions that are not in the best interests of their people or themselves.

At the end of the day, they go through severe ridicule and torment if they don’t comply, and they are even threatened with assassination. What are the choices these political figures have? However, with the correct knowledge of how economics really work, they can unlock the wealth of their nations. Hugo Chavez has problems, but is loved by the people. He has policies that are designed to help the people. However, the poor in the country are still seeking to get out of poverty. The rich elite are still rich and elite. It is a transfer of knowledge that will enable the poor to get out of poverty. This knowledge is what the people who were under colonial rule were robbed of. Most people do not see the invisible hands that control governmental decision-making throughout the world. Even if the political figure or government complies fully with Western powers, these powers only see them as a mere tool for their benefit. Once their usefulness is up, they are discarded as used goods.

Saddam Hussein is an example of this. So is Manuel Noriega. Therefore, it really is a hard decision for political figures and governments to make. Corruption in government is due to the imposition on political figures and governments to create policies that are not in the best interest of the people. Most political figures are willing to reap whatever benefit they can receive while in office, and are tempted to take bribes, favors, etc. However, it is the political figure that is blamed in the media, not the ones who did the bribing.

If these political figures were in a position that they controlled their nation’s resources, and the people were benefiting from the wealth of their nation, do you think corruption would exist at the level it is on today? How could they be bought? Who would rise against them? I’m sure greed may ensue at some level, but most political figures would back down because the people directly supports them and benefit from their rule, and these political figures would develop the testicular fortitude to say NO to unjust and irrational policies.

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